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 ===== Software updates ===== ===== Software updates =====
-Firmware releases (''satiator.fw''are [[|in this folder]]. The latest firmware is [[|this one]].+Firmware (''satiator.fw''[[|Latest version]] | [[|All versions]] | [[|CHANGELOG]] | 
 +| Menu (''menu.bin'') | [[|Latest version]] | [[|All versions]] | [[|CHANGELOG]] | 
 +| [[action_replay_patching|AR patched FW]] | [[|Latest version]] | [[|All versions]] | [[|CHANGELOG]] |
-Menu releases (''menu.bin'') are [[|in this folder]]The latest menu is [[|this one]].+===== Known issues ===== 
 +As of firmware 159, menu 64: 
 +  * Marvel Super Heroes vsStreet Fighter has issues with crashing 
 +  * Multi-disc games need you to restart the console and select the new disc from the Satiator menu, at the disc change point. 
 +There is a compatibility tracker [[|here on GitHub]] where you can track and report issues with games.
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